STATUS: OPEN. I'm open at all times, idk what makes you think otherwise.

CURRENT PRICES: $60 for a solo, $80 for a couple.
+ $20 for additional panels. Background is free.
Patrons can ask for personal discounts, but not very often please.
I only accept USD only, if you will send me rubles accidentally I'll make a refund.

Thank you so very much for being patient with me! 💙💦💦

EMAIL: contactgarik @ (payment email is different)
NO-NOs: none, but I don't sell sketches / lineart as commission options.
QUEUE: see about the progress ↪️ here

I really appreciate going straight to business, so please contact me if you're already have something on your mind. You don't need to ask privately if I'm open - I'm open, as well as if this or that exact kink is okay with me - it's okay with me :) Thank you for reading ♥
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