September 11, 2014

Kichaa fanart - 3

Oct 7th edit: ow wow look what I've missed this morning - notmusa's commissions
ian bloom donovan spats the cat and plant the original characters of kichaa notmusa wallpaper sierra intertainment 88 pinball 1976 murakami
I drew a sad 16:10 wallpaper to make myself feel less miserable while I'm waiting for the next tour :(

Pig farm AU + an awkward comic about nothing:
notmusa's characters fanart donovan at pig farm with glorious tattoosnotmusa's Ian Bloom Donovan fanart pig farm AU not cute piglet farm boys hayloftnotmusa fanart ian donovan slash or notkichaa fanart ian donovan slash or not
Unrecognizable as they are the characters still belong to kichaa / notmusa
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