July 9, 2014

Kichaa fanart 2

These characters don't look like kichaa's/notmusa's but they are, I just can't draw them properly, I gave up.
ian bloom slightly reffed from macalay culkin woah whydonovan fanart original character of notmusa kichaa
it wouldn't be me without that last panel
donovan and ian bloom belong to kichaa notmusakichaa notmusa original character pianist ian bloomian bloom donovan original charcters of kichaa notmusa marie antoinette pachelbel johann harpsichord
Doniv stands for Donovan-and-Ian; sorry again for posting silly doodles and no dicks
if by any chance you like this post here's another one - Doniv fanart 1
partly inspired with the Tennant from Roman POlanski kichaa notmusa donovan ian bloom pee in the sink comic

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